Hard Chrome Plating, Grinding & Polishing

As specialists in the refurbishment market we offer a comprehensive and cost effective solution for worn out components including:

Grinding and Polishing

  • Centreless Grinding Max 203mm x 7m long
  • Cylindrical Grinding Max 914mm x 4.8m long
  • Polishing Max 300mm diameter x 4.8m long
  • Fully Automated 4 station polishing machine x 7m long
  • Single Head Mop & Belt Polishing

Hard Chrome Plating

  • Bore & Outside Diameter Plating
  • Plating 7.1m horizontal tank max 300mm diameter
  • Plating 3.1m horizontal tank max 915m diameter
  • Cautic Strip 6.5m
  • Salt Spray Facility (NSS)

Honing & Boring

  • Honing max 609mm x 10m long
  • Tube/Line boring Max 900mm diameter x 4m long
  • Straightening Max 125mm diameter x 6.8m long

Piston Rod Refurbishment

Our dedicated team of experts are masters in the art of hard chrome plating with over one hundred and fifty collective years of knowledge and experience.

Using traditional electro plating technology and high speed micro crack solutions, our hard chrome coatings are deposited to obtain close tolerances offering the very best in high corrosion and wear resistance.

We also have an impressive capacity for surface grinding with several centred and centreless grinding machines in operation. Our highly trained grinding technicians work hard to produce excellent surface finishes to extremely accurate diametrical tolerances.

Click here for our grinding, polishing and hard chrome plating capacity list

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