About CA Honemaster

British engineering and expertise

Founded in Cheltenham in 1984 by Fred and Pat Williams, C.A Honemaster has over 30 years’ experience in the UK honing market, specialising in refurbishment and repairs for a diverse array of British industry. Throughout this time the company has forged a strong reputation and the Honemaster name has become synonymous with reliability, integrity and above all quality.

Current Managing Director Kieran Reel took over the company in 2004 with Pat alongside him to help support the continuation of the Honemaster vision. Under Kieran’s directorship Honemaster has expanded beyond being just a honing company to become a single source supplier with the acquisition of a chrome plating and grinding facility and a move to larger premises in 2012.

Nonetheless, Honemaster still upholds an original ideal, which is the core belief of investing in people and maintaining the legacy of British engineering skills and expertise in order to produce excellent quality products and deliver outstanding customer service.